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3.2V20Ah LIFEPO4 cell

2013-7-23 17:52:01 Category:Rechargable Batteries

      6000pcs 70173248 3.2V20AH LIFEPO4 cell to American customer.

      The electric characteristics of this cell as below,




Test method


Discharge characteristics


0.3C5A 100

1.5C5A 90

a) After standard charged, rest for 30min and then discharge at0.2C5Aand1C5Ato the discharge cut-off voltage respectively. Charge/discharge cycle can be conducted for 5 times before meeting the Standardsthe same below.

b) Discharging current and discharging time can be calculated by AH, and expressed by the percentage of nominal capacity. (Cycled by 3 times, when one of the three reaches the standard, it will meet the standard.)


Charge retention under normal condition


Residual capacity

nominal capacity *80

Recovery capacity

nominal capacity *90

Stored for 28 days after standard charge, discharge at0.3 C5Ato the discharge cut-off voltage, then test the residual capacity. Teat the recovery capacity, if one of the three cycles can reach the standard, it represents the battery has reached the standard.


Cycle life


Capacitynominal capacity *80

Conduct0.3C5Acharge/0.3C5Adischarge for 2000 continuous cycles, and then test capacity.