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2013-2-28 18:38:03 Category:Primary batteries

60000pcs of ER26500M to Italy customer for their 

ER26500M LiSoCL2 battery C size can replace LSH14 (SAFT).

Key Features:

1. Nominal voltage: 3.6V

2. Nominal capacity: 6500mAh

3. Max constant discharge current: 800mA;

4. Max pulse current: 2500mA;

5. Operating temperature range: -55°C~+85°C

6. Max Dimension: 26.2x50.0mm;

7. Weight:52g


1. High energy density

2. High open circuit voltage

3. Wide range of operating temperature

4. Stable operating voltage and current

5. Long operating time

6. Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year at 25°C).


Main Applications:

1. Water meter, electric meter, gas meter,AMR,etc

2. Alarm or security equipment (smoke alarm system, detector)

3. GPS tracking

4. Teal time clock

5. Digital control machine

6. Military

7. Remote monitoring systems

8. Car electronics