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LIFEPO4 24V9Ah batteries

2013-3-20 15:33:05 Category:Rechargable Batteries

The 1000pcs LIFEPO4 24V9Ah batteries been sent to Netherland.The tuble batteries are popular in montain bike.It can help you as power-assisted when you exhausted.

Voltage: 24V

Capacity: 9Ah
Continuous discharge current: 9A
Max discharge current: 18A
Dimension: 91x400mm
Discharge cut off voltage: 20V
Charge voltage: 29.2V
Standard charge current: 2A
Charging and charger: CC/CV with professional charger
Weight: ≤4.5KG

Working temperature: 

a. charge: 0~45℃

b. discharge: –20~55℃

Cycle life: 1500 cycles with DOD 80%