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The analysis report on storage life of our CR batteries series

2008-9-21 15:11:25 Category:Company News

The analysis report on storage life of our CR batteries series


About the customer’s request on life of CR2450, which need to exceed 7 years, we need to illustrate that the battery life include the operate life and storage life. We cannot guarantee the operating life exceed 5 years or 7 years,because the operating life is tightly related with data(work current,work voltage,frequency of use,as well as the using condition of your device).The life we can guaranteed is storage life.


With regard to the CR2450 storage life,our engineers analysised and report the result as below from the raw material,production technology,production device,etc:


1.      Raw material:The main raw material are manganese powder,lithium tablets,dissepiment,hermetical plastic rubber ring and 304 stainless case etc.The quality of these raw material we chose is top-class no matter compare with these Chinese companies or foreign companies.So there is no disparity about the raw material compare with Japanese top brand companies.

2.      Production technology:There is a little difference on production technology compare with the Japanese top brand.The main different point is the conductive connection between positive,negative material and case.Japanese take the conductive adhesive to achive,we take the conductive net to summarily,the two different approaches achieved same result.

3.      Production device:The production devices we using is the most advanced in lithium manganese button cell line in China,Frankly speaking,there is certain gap on research and development of production devices and using between us and Japanese.The production pattern we take are semi-automation and full-automation,but Japanese take the full-automation and hermetic.So the precise index and balance are better than ours.We did similar lab,the storage life or battery capacity of our battery are better than Japanese in laboratory condition,but there is a little gap under actual production line.So the main gap is production devices between us and Japanese.

Through the analysis of the three points above,we can guarantee 5 years storage life.The percent of pass of our battery is 99.95% based on the IEC standard.


Certainly,we have our own outstand advantages compare with Japanese top brand battery,the price,delivery time as well as speed to handle customer question and so on.

We will keep to research and develop our battery’s performance constantly.

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              21st ,Sep,2008